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Welcome to our ever-growing, ever-evolving galleria of many forms of arts and aesthetics.

We have moved the storefront location to an online presence but PARTNER with the J. O. Sundstrom facilities for hosting in-person performances with Afternoon Tea.

We specialize in these historical performances and host destination tea events, there.

Additionally, I make original wall art, jewelry, and calligraphy - including handmade greeting cards.

Visit us. Ask for information. Join us at any corner to celebrate art in our lives.

Thank you for coming.

Irene Nielsen, PsyD, CNM, ChFC, CTEC


We are an "Emporium" of art and ideas.

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Historical Echoes 1st person performance

We are pleased to PARTNER our performances with Afternoon "high" or Creme Tea at the J. O. Sundstrom facilities in Lindsborg, KS.

We can now accommodate small and large groups with hospitality.

We offer regular, monthly performances of women who changed history. Most of them have been unfairly maligned by patriarchial historians.

As a psychologist and health clinician, I endeavor to bring you information with "edutainment".

See the schedule for the 3rd Sunday Afternoon (4th Sunday in October), and make your reservation.

This is also a great gift opportunity to the people you admire who seek ideas.

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Destination Tea Party Events

We are here for you when you want that memorable or special tea party for your family, reunion, church, or school group. Think of us as a special place for your organization. We can host groups from 10 to 100+ at the Sundstrom facilities.

Afternoon Tea is a meal with 3 varieties of sandwiches, scones, and toppings, dessert, and tea or coffee.

Our teas are imported through Irene's Teas (since 1995) for a special taste of real tea.

Additionally, as a Certified Tea and Etiquette Consultant"  from the Washington Protocol School, I can offer a tea talk or tea introduction of the 5,000-year history of tea to the West.

Special foods are baked locally by Rachel Anderson.

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Artwork to remember

Artwork is a highest form of communication and respect for a relationship.

I  hand make, original greeting cards with a small gift for a special person. I also make wall and hostess art in glass, on wood and porcelain, and on canvas.

Greeting cards are also available at Whites Foodliner in Lindsborg (by the Swedish food section), and at the Hutchinson Art Center in Hutchinson, KS.

Holiday and custom cards  are available.

Memory art in honor of  a special event, one's life or passions is available.

Contact: 785-493-5246 (message) or

Sample a video

Marketing introduction to Historical Echoes

Enrich your experience with understanding Tea history, terminology, production, selection, classification, and Western etiquette.

Tea Talks with your private Tea Party

Leave us a message and we'll get back to you.

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Thanks for submitting!

Margaret Sanger - July 23rd at 2:30 pm

Jul 02, 2:30 PM CDT
102 N Main St, Lindsborg, KS 67456, USA

2023 Schedule of
Historical Echoes Events

August 20 - Florence Nightingale

Florens was the founder of modern nursing education.

She was a hospital administrator & statistician that

improved patient care for Britain during the Crimean War.

September 17 - Irena Sendler

Irena was a Polish Social Worker during WW II who is credited with the

rescue of 2500 children from the Warsaw ghetto destines for extermination at Treblinka.

October 23 - Queen Christine of Sweden

The Swedish Queen was the only legitimate heir to the Vasa throne after

King Gustaf (the warrior King) died on the battlefield during the 30-year war.

She was an unusual Queen who preferred art over ruling responsibilities.

November 12 - Frances Perkins

Frances was the "brains" and motivation for FDR's New Deal, including

Social Security, child labor laws, industrial safety laws, and the reduced work week

to 6 days a week. She faced political congressional and

cabinet members' attitudes of misogyny but held FDR's trust.

December 17 - Mary Breckenridge

This event is a special Queens Tea for the Holidays.

Mrs. Breckenridge is known as the "Mother" of American, professional Nurse Midwives.

She demonstrated efficacy and healthcare improvement out of the hollers of the

 Appalachian Mountains during and after the 1920s.

Under her care, nurse midwives rode horseback into remote areas and improved

childbearing safety compared to the NY area statistics of the 1920s and beyond.

A  minimum of 5 guests must be confirmed 2 weeks

before the performance to meet the requirements of the

J O Sundstrom facility.

About Me.

Thank you for visiting my website.

The need to express hospitality and art is deeply embedded in everything I think and o. I feel both assets bring respect and joy to others.

I have been privileged to experience a variety of artful and psychological expressions. I began as a BSN with the US Army Nurse Corp and was assigned to manage the Ft Campbell, KY dependent immunization, allergy, and pediatric clinic. I was honored and am thrilled to be a Veteran.

Then I attended the University of Utah and earned a Master's in Maternal Newborn Nursing with a Certificate of Nurse Midwifery (CNM) that the American College of Nurse Midwives (Washington, DC) recognizes. I proceeded to teach and then went into clinical practice in Oregon.

I pioneered the Birth Center concept from Europe, as one of three CNMs who demonstrated and installed the change in US obstetrical care with safety and efficacy. After teaching on the faculty of the University of Minnesota I entered the financial service industry with Lutheran Brotherhood for over 16 years, specializing in Charitable and Estate planning with a Chartered Financial Consultant earned from the American College of Financial Service at Bryn Mwar, PA

Throughout these life and educational experiences, I have sought to provide respect and build relationships with hospitality and aesthetics.

It was only logical that after earning a Doctorate of Psychology, I would enter the world of the Galleria with an  Emporium of visual, hospitality, and performance arts.

This art and hospitality venue is a joy to share.  Join the joy of ideas and respect for others through participating in the activities at the Main Street Galleria. Tell the World, we are here.

Eleanor Roosevelt is one of the personalities I perform. I treasure her quote here:

"Great minds speak of IDEAS; average minds speak of EVENTS; and small minds speak of PEOPLE."

Let's share ideas together. Thank you. Irene

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